Some Politics is Local is the podcast where two guys from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (David and Mike) provide a fun, original and (always) irreverent perspective on all things political. The podcast covers global politics, US politics, federal politics, provincial politics and, of course, some local politics.

Latest from Some Politics is Local

The Chu-se the Wrong Candidate Episode

In this week’s episode, we are doing Predictorama for the federal cabinet picks that will be coming out next week – how wrong will we be? We will see! We also talk about the results for the Calgary municipal election, which had Jyoti Gondek defeating handily Jeromy (Fartface) Farkas. Also, we couldn’t get away with…

The Flo Rida of the Plebiscite Episode

In this week’s episode, we have our second (and, sadly, last) installment of Municipal (Calgary) ELECTION WATCH! For this one, we go through a scorching hot take of the last candidates debate that just happened on Thursday night. We also go into Predictorama-mode and offer our pronouncements on who will occupy the big seat of…

The Fartface (Farkas) Running Out of Gas Episode

In this week’s episode, we talk about the Liberals vaccine mandate plan of action released this week. Is it a political and/or public policy winner? What will the Conservatives say as a rebuttal? We’ll discuss! We also have Municipal (Calgary) ELECTION WATCH, where we give you the latest info on the polls and also a…

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