Some Politics is Local is the podcast where two guys from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (David and Mike) provide a fun, original and (always) irreverent perspective on all things political. The podcast covers global politics, US politics, federal politics, provincial politics and, of course, some local politics.

Latest from Some Politics is Local

The Glass 51.4% Full Episode (Mini) Episode

We have a special super, duper hot-take mini-episode this week! We recorded this special podcast only an hour or so after Jason Kenney announced that he would be stepping down as Premier of Alberta after securing 51.4% of the vote in support of his leadership. In this burning hot take, we talk about what went…

The Let’s Make a Debate Episode

For this week’s episode, in federal politics, we dissect (or, more accurately, Mike regales David on what happened on) the first official Conservative leadership debate. Who scored points, who lost points, who wants to fire the Governor of the Bank of Canada? We discuss! For provincial politics, we revisit the Ides of Spring (AKA Jason…

The Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote Episode

For this week’s episode, for all levels of politics, we tackle on issue only: the implications of the (still draft) decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in the US Supreme Court. What does it mean for the US – and the 51% percent of the population that is oppressed by this vote? What does it…

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