Some Politics is Local is the podcast where two guys from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (David and Mike) provide a fun, original and (always) irreverent perspective on all things political. The podcast covers global politics, US politics, federal politics, provincial politics and, of course, some local politics.

Latest from Some Politics is Local

The (January) 6-Pence None the Richer Episode

For this episode, in American politics, the January 6th Committee’s (6-part) public hearings and what they have unearthed so far…and will it make a difference at all to politics in the US. For provincial politics, we check in on the latest edition of ‘Who Wants to Be Our Premiere?’ More specifically, we talk about the…

No Podcast this week

Hello! No podcast this week as we are dealing with sick kids (they’ll be fine), crunch times at work and a bit of summer fun. We’ll be back next week with a brand new pod – thanks for listening! 🙂 M and D

The Ford More Years Episode

For this episode, in federal politics, we talk about the new legislation passed by the Liberal government to tighten restrictions on guns and also the drug possession exemption requested by BC that was approved by the federal government. For provincial politics, we have a burning HOT TAKE on the Ontario election results, with the Rob…

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