Some Politics is Local is the podcast where two guys from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (David and Mike) provide a fun, original and (always) irreverent perspective on all things political. The podcast covers global politics, US politics, federal politics, provincial politics and, of course, some local politics.

Latest from Some Politics is Local

The Failing Your Midterms Episode

For this episode, in US Politics, we talk about the results of the midterm elections that took place – and the implications for the country (and the US Presidential field in 2024). We then talk about Alberta Politics, with Danielle Smith’s not-so-landslide victory in her Brooks-Medicine Hat by-election. What does this result say about her…

The Reacting Too Sloly To the Convoy Episode

For this episode, in Federal politics, we discuss the inquiry into the use of the Emergency Measures Act. Who said what about who so far – we talk about it all (including the politics, of course). For Provincial politics, we talk about Danielle Smith taking her place as the new Premier of Alberta…how the first…

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