Some Politics is Local is the podcast where two guys from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (David and Mike) provide a fun, original and (always) irreverent perspective on all things political. The podcast covers global politics, US politics, federal politics, provincial politics and, of course, some local politics.

Latest from Some Politics is Local

The Vaccines for Some, Miniature Canadian Flags for Others Episode

In this week’s episode, for global politics, with the arrival of the Omicron variant, we talk about vaccine distribution strategy. What is best from a utility perspective and how might this diverge from the best course for countries politically? We discuss! We then talk about federal politics, with the (shocking) unanimous passing of the anti-conversion…

The Throne Back to Where We Were Episode

In this week’s episode, for federal politics, we talk about the Throne Speech that was for the governing Liberals. Were there any revelations or tea leaves to be read about the future of the Justin Trudeau government, we’ll discuss! For provincial politics, we dissect the United Conservative Party (UCP) Annual General Meeting (AGM) that took…

The Gambling Big at the Grey Eagle Casino Episode

In this week’s episode, it is our triumphant return to American politics, where we discuss the off-year election results, Biden’s low approval ratings and what it all means for the mid-term elections – and the Presidency in 2024. We also return to our first love (?) of provincial politics, with Jason Kenney under fire from…

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