The Rice Supplanting Rice Episode

In this episode, we go through our fantasy (incoming) US government cabinet picks (President-Elect Biden, take note)! We also talk about COVID from both a federal and a provincial perspective.

For BookReport, we talk about the Gatekeepers by Chris Whipple – a book chronicling the role of the Chief of Staff in the US Presidency.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes


Cabinet PositionMikeDavid
Secretary of StateSusan RiceSusan Rice
Secretary of DefenseMichele FlournoyMichele Flournoy
Treasury SecretaryMichael BloombergRaphael Bostic
Attorney GeneralAmy KlobucharAmy Klobuchar
Secretary of CommerceJohn Kasich Abstained
Secretary of Veterans AffairsPete ButtigiegPete Buttigieg
Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentCory BookerKaren Bass
Secretary of EnergyScott BullochAbstained
Secretary of EducationAndrew YangLily Garcia
Head of the Environmental Protection AgencyJay InsleeJay Inslee
Secretary of TransportationJulian CastroAbstained
Secretary of InteriorAlexandria Ocasio CortezDeb Haalaand
Secretary of LabourBeto O’rourkeAbstained
Director of National SecurityAbstainedAdam Schiff
Secretary of Health and Human ServicesAbstainedVivek Murthy
Notable ‘Not Includeds’Bernie Sanders (GOP Governor in VT)
Elizabeth Warren (GOP Governor or MA)
Bernie Sanders (Senate approval issues)
Elizabeth Warren (Senate approval issues)

Rain Man (Casino Scene)

Simpsons Kissinger Toilet 

BookReport: The Gatekeepers by Chris Whipple

Doug Stamper from House of Cards 

Condoleeza Rice Wikipedia


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