The Not Everyone Forgot Bev Oda Episode

In this episode, we make bold and possibly incorrect predications of what is going to happen in politics in 2021. We do this for each level of politics – including Global, US and Canadian (federal, provincial and, of course, local). Who knows, maybe this will be our redemption from the ocean of wrong-ness that was US Fantasy Cabinet?

For ShowReport, we talk about the Reagans, a four-part documentary mini-series from Showtime that chronicles the life and times of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. If you like actors and astrology, you’ll want to listen.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Carnac the Magnificent (the Johnny Carson Show) 

Bev Oda’s Orange Juice

The Reagans 

Showtime Link (US)

Crave TV Link (Canada)

Bedtime for Bonzo, staring Ronald Reagan


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