The Bumbling US Insurrection Special Episode

In this special episode, we dedicate the entire podcast to discussing the events and implications on what happened in Washington on January 6th, 2021. This is a wide-ranging conversation that goes well beyond the headlines – hitting on everything from the role of race in policing demonstrations, to the benefits and costs of free speech in today’s media landscape.

We also discuss the impact of the Georgia senate race results on Biden’s agenda moving forward, the Republican party, and the power that each Democratic Senator now holds.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

The Oxford Companion to World Politics  

On Violence, Hannah Arendt

But What If We’re Wrong: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past, Chuck Klosterman  

Chuck Klosterman on Billy Joel: The Stranger:

It Can’t Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis: 

The Plot Against America, Philip Roth: 


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