The Sharks With Lasers Stimulus Episode

In this episode, we talk about the (massive) 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package that was just passed – as well as the politics of this (gigantic) development. We also talk about the royal family (this isn’t a typo) – with the Harry and Meghan interview – as well as our shared distaste for this anti-democratic, and generally gross, institution.

For PodReport, David listened to the Real Dictators series which chronicles in multi-part episodes the best of best when it comes to the worst of the worst dictators. 

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Half Baked – Maui Wowie 

Dr. Evil – Sharks with Laser Beams 

Biden’s Stimulus Post-Stimulus Package Press Conference 

Harry and Meghan (The Royals) Interview 

Simpson’s Regicide Hotline 

Real Dictators Podcast


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