The Sub-Basement-B Sino Summit Episode

In this episode, we talk about US-China relations as the first bi-lateral summit of the Biden Presidency takes place in (not so tropical) Anchorage, Alaska. We also talk about the (pending regulatory approval) deal for Rogers to buy Shaw – and the political implications on a provincial and federal level (who doesn’t like trashing telcos, right?!).

For BookReport, Mike read (with his ears, of course) What It Takes by Richard Ben Cramer. This 56 hour tome goes into amazing detail about ‘what it takes’ to be a US Presidential Party Nominee by examining the 1988 democratic and republican presidential primaries. Spoiler alert: it takes everything you and your family can possibly offer (and then some). 

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Trump Saying China

New York Times on China

Moving Desk to Sub-Basement(/Storage) B (Office Space – Merry Squirrels)

Dana Carvey Doing Bush 

Norm MacDonald Doing Dole

BookReport: What it Takes by Richard Ben Cramer

Trump on Escalator 

Simpsons Two Bad Neighbors George Bush Episode 


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