The Grandpa Joe Gets His Report Card Episode

In this episode, we talk about Joe Biden’s first 100 days, including the joint session of Congress speech. More importantly, we each ascribe a letter grade to his performance! We then get into provincial politics, with the continuing dumpster fire that is Alberta in relation to rising COVID case counts. We have a ‘hot-take’ Premier Kenney’s his latest press conference.

For PodReport this week, we both listened to the first two episodes of Season 5 from Slow Burn (by Slate), which go deep into the circumstances that led up to the Iraq War. Journalist Noreen Malone guides listeners through this odd journey.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Monty Don: 

Dave Chapelle, Black Bush: 

PodReport: Slow Burn Season 5 – The Road to the Iraq War by Noreen Malone


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