The David’s Biography Gets Cancelled Episode

In this episode, for federal politics, we talk about the Liberal Government scandal having to do with General Jonathan Vance of the Canadian Forces. Is the scandal worth all of the ink it is gathering – we’ll discuss! We then chat about the cultural politics involved in a Philip Roth biography being ‘cancelled’ due to allegations made against the author of it. Is this appropriate…or not so much?

For DocuReport this week, we both watched (David more recently) OJ: Made in America by ESPN. This five-part documentary traces OJ Simpsons life and how it is intertwined with the evolution of race in America.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Philip Roth by Blake Bailey

Leaving Las Vegas (Movie) 

Louis CK 

O.J. Made in America 

NOTE: We couldn’t find the Tim Meadows skit. Ended up watching Norm MacDonald make fun of OJ for a while, which was great. 


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