The Nuthin’ But a (5)G Thang Episode

In this episode, for US/Global politics, we discuss the big spending bill that was passed in the US Senate to fund research in strategic areas where China has upped their game of late. What does this say about the US/China relations and is this further evidence of a new kind of Cold War? For provincial politics, David and Mike debate whether Jason Kenney is ‘hot or not’ based on all of the weeks developments (politically-speaking…definitely not physically-speaking).

For PodReport this week, David listened to the 5-part American Scandal series on The Red Scare, which explores the hearings marshalled by former Senator (and ongoing historical pariah) Joseph McCarthy.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

The Daily Episode on US Spending Bill to Fight China: 

Churchill Iron Curtain Speech (Mike has trademarked the ‘Silicon Curtain’ line): 

Rocky IV (America needs an enemy): 

PodReport: American Scandal – The Red Scare:

Larry Tye Bibliography:


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