The It Ain’t Easy Being Green Episode

In this episode, for Global politics, we discuss the G7 meeting that took place in England and also the bilateral meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. What came out of these get togethers and what is the politics behind it – we’ll discuss! For Federal politics, Mike tries to convince David that the implosion of the Green Party (and its leader) actually matters in the grand scheme of things.

For (Hollywood) MovieReport this week, Mike watched the dramatized campaign drama/comedy Our Brand is Chaos, starring Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton. This movie, based on a 2005 documentary of the same name, tells the story of a critical election in Bolivia in 2002 – and the American political consultants that helped shape it.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Abe Simpson – Tied an Onion to my Belt (AKA Grandpa Joe):

Simpsons – Old Time Bikes (AKA Grandpa Joe)

(Hollywood) MovieReport: Our Brand is Chaos starring Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton

Speed (the only good Sandra Bullock move) Movie Trailer


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