The (Witch) Hunt for the Orange Gorilla Episode

In this episode, for US politics, we talk about the indictment of the Trump Organization’s CFO. Is this the first step in the bringing-down of Donald J. Trump? We’ll discuss! We follow this up with Canadian Federal politics and the sudden resignation of Liberal Cabinet Minister Catherine McKenna. What does this say about how good the job of an MP really is – and what does this portend for the future of the Liberals.

For PodReport this week, we both listened to the rest of Slow Burn Season 5: The Road to the Iraq War. In this segment, we’ll answer the burning question in everyone’s mind: did the pod continue on its streak of amazingness, or did it disappoint after high-expectations (much like the war itself)?

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Super Troopers Right Meow

Trump Blog Shut Down After One Month:

Seinfeld Risk Management

Bush Arriving to Give Mission Accomplished Speech: 

Slow Burn Season 5:


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