The Give Me Liberty or Give Me a Nasal Swab Episode

In this episode, for Canadian federal politics, we continue to observe the big moves being made by the major parties in our ‘Election Watch’ series. This week, the Liberals announced nailed down their fourth province to take part in their daycare strategy and also announced that there are vaccines for every Canadian; as well, we talk about how the increased natural disasters due to climate change will shape the campaign. For municipal politics, we talk about the Jeff Davison campaign’s third party advertiser (TPA) issue and what it means for the race.

For Movie/HollywoodReport, David and Mike both watched Vice, a movie that seeks to turn the life of Dick Cheney into a fun and sometimes surreal journey.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Tokyo Olympics

Vice Trailer 

Michael Scott as Prison Mike 

The Big Short (Movie) 

Christian Bale as Batman 


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