The Mass-Debating in French Episode

In this week’s episode, it’s…wait for it…Election Watch! In the pod, we have a smoking hot take on the first federal election leaders debate, en francais! Also, David dug through the party platforms in painstaking detail – we discuss his findings and try to ID the policies that could indeed move the electorate.

For BookReport, David read (with his eyes) The Audacity of Hope by President Barrack Obama, which lays out his ‘theory of the case’ on politics in 2006 America. Mike also read it (with his ears, of course), but it was a while ago, so we’re not going to call this a DualBookReport.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama:

Theodore Roosevelt Trilogy by Edmund Morris:

Wondrous Strange: The Life and Art of Glenn Gould by Kevin Bazzana:

Common Ground by Justin Trudeau: 


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