The Chu-se the Wrong Candidate Episode

In this week’s episode, we are doing Predictorama for the federal cabinet picks that will be coming out next week – how wrong will we be? We will see! We also talk about the results for the Calgary municipal election, which had Jyoti Gondek defeating handily Jeromy (Fartface) Farkas. Also, we couldn’t get away with not talking about world-class POS Sean Chu – and how he is the worst.

For PodReport this week, Mike listened to Total Recall – a CNN podcast series on the 2003 recall election that saw Arnold Schwarzenegger elected governor (or ‘gover-nator’) of California.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Steve Urkel

PodReport: Total Recall – California’s Political Circus

Terminator 3: 

Running Man:

Surviving the Game: 

Terminator 2:

The Last Stand: 


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