The Anita Better Way to Predict Cabinet Episode

In this week’s episode, we honestly and openly review our Predictorama guesses for who would occupy what position in the federal Liberal cabinet picks (spoiler alert: we weren’t even close). We also delve into the logic and politics behind Trudeau’s (actual) picks…and who became ‘non-picks’, ahem, talking to you (astronaut) Marc Garneau.

For BookReport this week, David read (with his eyes) 13 Days in October – in which Robert (AKA Bobby) Kennedy chronicles the play-by-play and team dynamics during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Dr. Strangelove: 

Best of Quimby: 

Book Report – 13 Days in October by Robert (Bobby) Kennedy:

The Fog of War: 

Dan Carlin’s Destroyer of Worlds:


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