The Three’s Company Covid Episode (with Guest Kathleen Bancroft)

For this week’s episode, we welcome our first EVER guest to the podcast, Kathleen Bancroft. In the episode, we focus exclusively on ‘Covid Across Canada’ and each talk about one big related story that we think matters. The conversation is pretty wide-ranging – hitting on everything from Quebec’s new ‘antivax tax’, different provincial policies on school openings, as well as whether firings due to not being vaccinated are ethical/legal.

No Report this week because we had such a good time chatting with Kathleen.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

No show notes this week.


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  1. Good pod cast today, enjoyed hearing the opinions from your guest. We agree for a change with Legault’s idea of taxing the unvaxed, already there are numerous people who have made appts for vaccines. To your point, he is taking his time to implement this to see how it is received. Maybe next week you can address the problems we are going to see with the truck drivers needing to be vaccinated, I think we will all sufeer from that.


    • Thanks for the feedback on the episode – and glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Will definitely keep the truck driver topic in mind for next week (assuming Russia doesn’t invade a country ;).


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