The Madu About You Episode

For this week’s episode, for Global politics, we talk about Russia’s march towards a Ukrainian invasion and whether or not it can be headed off. We then talk about Provincial politics in Alberta, with Justice Minister Kaycee Madu being asked to step aside (temporarily) by Jason Kenney for inquiring with the Edmonton police chief about a traffic ticket he received. Will this bonehead move leave him out of cabinet permanently, we discuss!

For BookReport this week, David read (with his eyes, like a nerd) An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser, which is a novel writing about 1920’s America that is just as plausible today.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes


Hank Kingsley, The Story of Hey Now: 

George’s Chair: 

Succession, Tom and Greg: 

An American Tragedy: 


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