The Just Watch Me Too Episode

For this week’s episode, in federal politics, we talk about the decision of the Liberal government to activate the Emergencies Measures Act in order to combat the occupation in Ottawa and the blockades around the country. We talk about why they did it and the politics – for all of the Federal political parties as well as the Premiers most impacted. For provincial politics, its our first installment of the ‘Ides of April’ in Alberta, where we track events to see how Jason Kenney is likely to do at his April 9th leadership review.

For BookReport this week, David read (with his eyes – like a nerd) the award-winning novel Bewilderment by Richard Powers.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Blowfeld, James Bond Villain Cat Holder

The Overstory, Richard Powers: 

BookReport – Bewilderment, Richard Powers: 


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