The Worst Day Ever for Red Deer Tourism Episode

For this week’s episode, in Federal politics, we talk about the brand new confidence and supply agreement struck between the NDP and the Liberals that will (maybe) keep the government in tact until 2025. Who are the big winners and losers of the deal? We discuss! We then check in on the Ides of April, with the April 9th Leadership Review vote fast approaching. We talk about the politics and logistics about moving to a mail-in ballot – and away from an in person vote in (lovely) Red Deer.

We have our first ever MusicalReport this week from Mike, who went to go see Hot Boy Summer, which chronicles what the pandemic would have been like if Kenney was a student council president, rather than a premiere (you’ll need to listen to the podcast to really understand this :).

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

MusicalReport: Hot Boy Summer


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