The Orange You Glad Your Aren’t Donald Trump Episode

For this episode, in US politics, we have a super-duper scorching hot-take on Episode 8 of the January 6th Committee: Jabba the Hut Does Nothing to Call off His Goons. For provincial/federal Canadian politics, we talk about the latest and not so greatest with healthcare in Canada (and the undue stress on it from the latest COVID wave). What should we do to improve our results (IE which countries in Western Europe should we steal ideas from)? We discuss!

For BookReport, we have a DUAL one, where Mike listened with his ears (like a cool person) and David read with his eyes (like a nerd) the Rick Mercer (of Monday Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes fame) Memoir – Talking to Canadians.


BookReport: Talking to Canadians, by Rick Mercer


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