The Liz Lost?! You’re Pulling My Cheney Episode

For this episode, in American politics, we talk about Liz Cheney’s primary loss in Wyoming – and what it means for her, the Republican party and the country, more generally. For provincial politics, we talk about the Sovereignty Act being proposed by UCP Leadership Frontrunner, Danielle Smith. Specifically, we talk about whether or not this was a good move for her in the short and medium term, as well as what mandate she might have to implement it post-leadership – and, last but not least, what such a central policy could do for the NDP’s chances in the impending general election.

For BookReport, Mike read (with his ears) Thank You For Your Servitude by New York Times Journalist Mark Leibovitch, which seeks to answer the question: why did so many prominent GOP members become sycophants for Trump (and why did a select few not)?


The Best of Old Gil (the Simpsons):

Thank You for Your Servitude by Mark Leibovitch: 


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