The Flo Rida of the Plebiscite Episode

In this week’s episode, we have our second (and, sadly, last) installment of Municipal (Calgary) ELECTION WATCH! For this one, we go through a scorching hot take of the last candidates debate that just happened on Thursday night. We also go into Predictorama-mode and offer our pronouncements on who will occupy the big seat of mayor. Finally, we go through Mike’s vote point by point – does he actually love fluoride? We’ll find out!

For BoardgameReport this week, we went head-to-head and played the long but very entertaining board game 1960 – which seeks to simulate the Presidential Election of 1960 between Kennedy and Nixon.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Ken Burns’ Muhammad Ali

Simpsons, Miniature American Flags: 

Chad Jett Thunders for Canadian Senate:

The Sentry Box:

BoardGame Report: 1960 (The Board Game)

Watergate Game:


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