The NATO, I’m Not Putin You On Episode

In this week’s episode, for Global politics, we talk about Russia’s latest moves on the Ukrainian border and what might come next in this pseudo-skirmish with NATO. Is Putin just talking in a puffed-up way to impress his Generals? We’ll discuss! For Local politics, we talk about whether or not Calgary should put more money into the arena deal and trying to overturn Quebec’s infamous Bill 21. We also talk more generally about Mayor Gondek’s style of leadership that is emerging.

For DocReport this week, Mike watched the National Film Board (NFB) documentary on Flora MacDonald’s run for the federal Progressive Conservative Leadership in 1976, entitled – Flora: Scenes From a Leadership Convention.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Costanza the Opposite: 

Rocky IV – Training Montage: 

Simpsons, Kissinger:

DocReport, Flora – Scenes From a Leadership Convention:

Jar Jar Binks:


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