The (Dear) Listener Questions and (Wrong) Host Predictions Year-End Episode

In this week’s super-special, year-end special, David and Mike take questions from the Dear Listeners! These (great) questions relate to everything from how well Kamala Harris is doing as VP to whether Erin O’Toole will hold on to the Conservative leadership or not? We wrap the show up with ‘hot-take’ predictions for each level of government from each of David and Mike. As we’ve said, this is probably a great way to know what definitely won’t happen in 2022.

No Report this week in order to make room for every more great questions and (likely) poor predictions.

Things We Referenced During the Show – AKA Show Notes

Weaseling Out of Answering Questions:

Deena Hindshaw Gets Her Turtle Back

Here's your turtle, alive and well.


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